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It Takes A Pandemic, For Heaven’s Sake!

For the longest time, I was struggling with why I would continue to write a blog for my website. My posts were becoming fewer and far between. My three books, Fire ‘n’ Ice, Light the Fire and The Hot Sauce Bottle Cookbook, are all out of print now and I have no immediate plan to reprint any or all of them. If my site was no longer supporting the sale of books or some other direct “purpose”, why then would I continue writing blogs?

Then COVID-19 struck! Let’s face it, the pandemic has forced everyone to look at the world differently and I am certainly no exception. It FINALLY occurred to me that I should make my books available in electronic format! So, the process is underway to do exactly that so that people can still enjoy the books and order them online for immediate download. Voila – the solution!

So, stay tuned as I continue to get the ebooks set up for online sales, which gives me the inspiration to begin writing more about our adventures and “cooking with fire”!

Welcome To Cooking With Fire

The brand “cooking with fire” reflects our commitment to doing things that ignite burning desire and to live life with passion and purpose. Linda Matthie, author and publisher, wrote the series of cookbooks featured on this site to share her burning desire for healthy, fiery foods of the world and is dedicated to sharing her passion for fiery fare and creating fabulous, fun and flavorful food characterized by healthy and light recipes.

In addition to our national best selling cookbooks, The Fire ‘n’ Ice Cookbook, Light the Fire and The Hot Sauce Bottle Cookbook, we are proud to present music that will add atmosphere while you’re enjoying our healthy and fiery foods of the world. We invite you to explore, indulge and enjoy!