Fire ‘n’ Ice Testimonials

“What a fun book. Being a native Texan, I can appreciate it fully!”
~Sally Bernstein, Editor In Chief, Sally’s Place

“I love spicy foods and found this cookbook a delight!”
~The Cookbook Collector, Zachary, Louisiana

“Another exceptional thing about this book is its eight stunning photographs. The props and background are chosen with a distinct eye…”
~Chile Pepper Magazine, Fort Worth, Texas

“There are so many delights to be sampled and savored, again and again…”
~Wisconsin Bookwatch, Oregon, Wisconsin

“I thoroughly enjoyed your cookbook…”
~Patricia Sharpe, Senior Editor, TexasMonthly

“The colorful cover shows hot peppers submerged in ice that will instantly draw you in. Anyone who would like to add some spice to everyday dinner fare will enjoy this well-designed book.”
~Books for Cooks, Quick ‘n Easy Magazine

“I’ve enjoyed reading the recipes and looking at all the photographs. Now I look forward to trying some of the recipes.”
~Anne Lindsay, Internationally Acclaimed Cookbook Author

“And what about that cover – I would have to say it is one of THE BEST that I have seen in a very long time! ”
~Bill Granger, Book Promotions, Inc.

“You’ll appreciate this innovative approach to food and eating.”
~The International Cookbook Revue, Madrid, Spain

“Here is another of those great surprises: a seemingly unassuming little cookbook with a great big punch.”
~Cinnamon Hearts, Modesto, California

“Combined with the health benefits of capcaisin and chiles, the recipes in “The Fire ‘n’ Ice Cookbook” are fabulously healthy, nutritious and delicious!”

~The Cookbook Collector’s Exchange, San Jose, California

“A passionate tribute to fiery foods, the Fire ‘n’ Ice Cookbook is an easy-to-read, easy-to-make collection of contemporary and traditional Mexican recipes.”
~Daily Press, Victorville, California

“If you prefer your ethnic foods authentic … even when this sometimes means fiery … this cookbook is for you.”
~The Sanford Herald, Sanford, North Carolina