Light The Fire Testimonials

“Linda Matthie’s Light the Fire is a treasure chest of recipes that fire the imagination and the tastebuds but, just as important, these recipes are as much a delight to read as they are easy to follow. Matthie peppers her book with fun anecdotes and interesting facts. When she set out on her quest for new healthy recipes with a spicy touch, Matthie returned with a sense of fun and adventure that she willingly shares. From breads, soups and appetizers to desserts, snacks and beverages, Matthie doesn’t miss an ingredient for adventurous cooking made simple and savory.”

~Louis B. Hobson, reviewer for The Calgary Sun

“Light the Fire suits today’s cook to a T – lightened up recipes that zing with flavor. What more could adventurous contemporary Canadians need for everyday and entertaining occasions.”

~Elizabeth Baird, Food Director, Canadian Living

“From the minute you look at the gorgeous cover of this book – you know there has to be something terrific inside! Nothing could look this good without “delivering the goods”. Relax — it delivers!!”

~iVillage Food Website, New York, New York

“Matthie has assembled an array of sizzling hot, but healthy recipes that are sure to ignite your taste buds.”

~Modern Maturity (circ. 22.3 million), Washington, DC

“Food with an attitude coming to a table near you. With this cookbook, you can take your everyday ho-hum steak and give it an attitude.”

~The Japan Time, Okayama, Japan

“If you’re on the cutting edge, want the latest in food, in clothes and lifestyle, then you’ll love Light the Fire – Fiery Food with a Light New Attitude!”

~Quick & Tasty Recipes, Sandy Hook, Connecticut

“Linda Matthie has written a creative, colorful book that brings spicy foods into the mainstream of home cooking.”

~The Park Cities News, Dallas, Texas

“There are some wonderful menu suggestions, great graphics, and gorgeous photographs. The recipes in this book are not only hot; they’re also easy and delicious.”

~Conscious Choice, Chicago, Illinois

“Fans of food that is hot, hot, hot, don’t have to look any further than Light the Fire – Fiery Food with a Light New Attitude! The book takes the latest and hottest trends in fiery foods and transforms them into recipes that are light, healthy and still have plenty of bite.”

~Low Fat – No Fat, New York, New York

“These recipes use the heat and flavor of chile peppers to create a meal that is low in fat and calories but rich in flavor. So enjoy!”

~Inside, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Light the Fire is a tribute to the growing popularity of the fiery foods and flavours of the world. This cookbook features the latest flavours in fiery foods with a conscious focus on keeping the recipes light and healthy.”

~The International Cookbook Revue, Madrid, Spain

“Light the Fire turns up the heat with an eclectic mix of recipes. The overall selection is very well rounded, including cold beverages and tasty desserts to stem the flames.”

~Appeal, Burnaby, British Columbia

“Looking for a little more spice in your life? Linda Matthie shows you how to turn up the heat in her new book, Light the Fire.”

~Quick & Light Cuisine, Riverside, California

“This book aggressively touts the stinging fruit (chile peppers) as health food. Healthy? Yes. But it also hurts so good.”

~Hour Detroit, Royal Oak, Michigan

“Light the Fire is a cookbook whose time has truly come.”

~Harbour City Star, Nanaimo, British Columbia

“Roll over “Two Fat Ladies.” Hasta la vista Emirle. Bamb! Linda Matthie is back again with an explosion of fiery food-fare ideas stuffed into one really attractive book.”

~The Gleaner, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Her recipes sacrifice fat while they sizzle with flavor.”

~Vantage Magazine, Warren, Michigan

“Linda Matthie’s Light the Fire – Fiery Food with a Light New Attitude! is one of the best new books on spicy foods that I’ve seen in years. Linda presents a wide range of hot recipes that watch the calories without sacrificing flavor or variety. This isn’t just a low-cal cookbook; it’s a healthy, flavorful collection. The book is beautiful, with gorgeous full-page photographs that inspire. The book comes with useful, convenient menu suggestions that offer wonderfully festive gatherings of dishes, from a full Caribbean dinner to a delicious cocktail party with fiery drinks and hit-the-spot finger food. Linda takes a global view of spicy foods, bringing in dishes from the Southwest, the Caribbean, East Indian and Barbecue. This is a very exciting array of recipes. The anecdotes about chile peppers and hot foods makes Light the Fire a fun read as well as an exciting cookbook. This book is a steal for its price. If there is one new book that captures the full range of spicy foods, Light the Fire is it.”

~Robert Spiegel, founding publisher of Chile Pepper Magazine

“Fiery food is passionate food. And hot food is, well – hot! So pass the jalapenos, pour on the pasilla and toss in some Tabasco – and try the following recipes.”

~The Toronto Sun, Toronto, Ontario

“A fine combination of hot and healthy, torrid and tasty!”

~Independent Publisher, Traverse City, Michigan

“Chile peppers and light cooking are a perfect match. This fact is proven by Linda Matthie’s new book, Light the Fire, where low-cal, low-fat, low-sodium, no-cholesterol chile peppers are combined with like ingredients to produce light, hot and spicy recipes that burst with vibrant flavors. The cookbook is highly recommended!”

~Dave DeWitt, publisher and editor of Fiery Foods Magazine

“Her book is filled with health-conscious recipes that focus on adding more flavor using spices and palate-thrilling foods and subtracting the less healthy ingredients.”

~The Calgary Herald, Calgary, Alberta

“There’s a hot new cookbook igniting palates across the country. It’s called Light the Fire – Fiery Food with a Light New Attitude!”

~Tahoe Daily Tribune, South Lake Tahoe, California