Cabo Recommendations

Visitors to Los Cabos, Mexico – READ ON!

Ron has lived in Cabo San Lucas for more than 40 years and I have spent 10 winters here. There are lots of sites for recommendations for all sorts of things in this area, but WE LIVE HERE, have friends here and KNOW Los Cabos! We can help make your time here incredibly special by recommending products, services and places because we KNOW these people and wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t fabulous!

Here are some of the recommendations we can provide you to make your time here special:

  • Tennis instruction;
  • Tequila tasting and recommendations to affordable and GREAT tequilas;
  • In-house massage and facials;
  • In-house manicures and pedicures;
  • In-house hair services;
  • Dental work (orthodontic, restorative, cosmetic and pediatric);
  • Plastic surgery and medical vacation care;
  • Medical care;
  • An ordained minister for weddings and vow renewals;
  • Home and condo rentals (far more special than you’ll find with Airbnb or VRBO);
  • Private chef services;
  • Cooking classes;
  • Travel services (who will look after EVERY detail for you);
  • Restaurants (OUR favorites…and we’re picky!);
  • Live music;
  • Off-the-beaten-path places you should visit;
  • Farm tour and breakfast with a local organic grower and his family;
  • Referrals to fabulous wines produced in Northern Baja;
  • Realtors (in case you want to check out purchasing property);
  • Grocery stores and local organic markets;
  • Turtle release; and
  • Whale watching (NOT in Cabo).

Contact me and we will personally introduce you! Los Cabos is far more than just a party town – let us show you how to experience the area as a TRAVELLER and not just another TOURIST!