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A Stampede Event to Remember!
July 24th, 2016


The annual and very famous Calgary Stampede wrapped up a week ago tonight. Soggy weather, the worst I can ever remember, and a depressed economy reduced attendance significantly this year – the lowest in 22 years.

Calgary is a city that is filled with people from all over the world. I’ve always joked and said that I’ve one of the six people who were actually born here. The other five people get REALLY excited about Stampede and I have to admit that I’ve grown really complacent over the years. Working downtown during this event is VERY difficult: between people out for the traditional pancake breakfasts first thing in the morning, long lunches where people don’t come back to the office until the next day, country music everywhere, and basically being an impossible time to get work done if you need to rely on other people. I know, I know, I sound like a real party pooper, but I have to say that until this year, I’ve seen that, been there, and done that! The event that I’m about to tell you about turned all that around for me.

Through one of the companies that I consult for, several co-workers and I received an invitation to an event that really piqued my interest. The event was called a The Spaghetti Western Networking Breakfast 2016, the “Unfamished”, sponsored by Geologic Systems for a select group of their system users, and catered at a gorgeous venue on Prince’s Island called River Café. This restaurant has been a favourite of mine in Calgary for a long time as they feature “the best tasting local ingredients in season” in a beautiful restaurant in an extraordinary setting.


I have to be honest that it was the menu that captured my interest and inspired me to attend the event:

Fairwinds Farm Feta & Roast Tomato Frittata
Poplar Bluff Potato Rosti with Highwood Crossing Aioli
Croissant French Toast with Okanagan Cherries Bourbon Sabayon
Fresh Local Berries
Grilled Cheese with Maple Bacon Jam
Breakfast Flatbread with Wild Boar Bacon
Fior di Latte
Spragg’s Sausage
House Made Pastries with Saskatoon Berry Danish
Mountain Grana Scones
Gluten-Free Rhubarb White Chocolate Muffins
Highwood Crossing Shortbread Granola with Schipper’s Strawberries
Nino Franco Prosecco Island Fizz
Craft Cocktails
Iced Coffees
Rhubarb Lemonade


We were all met on the way to the restaurant by a friendly and welcoming team of people from Geologic Systems, all dressed in their signature red shirts, who made everyone feel instantly comfortable and set the stage for a brilliant networking (and culinary!) event. We were blessed with beautiful weather that morning, so the event was inside the restaurant as well as flowing out to their gorgeous outdoor patio areas.


Photo courtesy of Geologic Systems

Although there was a traditional buffet set up, most of us were engaged in conversations with industry peers and acquaintances, new and old, spread around the patio, being served bite-sized portions of the AMAZING food prepared and served by the professional and informative staff of River Café. The staff from Geologic Systems mingled with guests and everyone had, I believe, a great experience. THIS was the epitome of what a Stampede Breakfast should be – in every sense!


Photo courtesy of Geologic Systems

Geologic Systems, “a Calgary-based company that offers a data browser and analytical tools bundled with current well data for all of western Canada”, showed tremendous class through the planning and execution of this event. In a time when most companies are cutting WAY back, they reached out to their client base and put on an incredibly successful and classy networking event for them that showed REAL appreciation for their business.


I applaud Geologic Systems and their catering partner, River Café, for setting an absolute new and high standard of western hospitality and creating the ultimate Stampede breakfast! Kudos and congratulations to all!


Honesty and Integrity
July 6th, 2016

I’ve always said that there is no such thing as situational integrity; you either have integrity or you don’t…period. In just over a week, I’ve been touched by three examples of extraordinary honesty that left me feeling really good about people and humanity in general.


Ron’s brother David recently rode up the Baja and then drove a car down from San Diego for us. Ron had given him two one hundred dollar bills to cover expenses. When he got to Cabo, he took the car to a local car wash for detailing. When David came back for the car, the young Mexican man he left the car with held out the money and said it must have fallen from David’s pocket as it was found between the seats. Amazing! I hope David gave this fellow a big tip for his honesty.

The next situation was in the little town that I grew up in. I had just returned from traveling outside the country and had stopped in to the registry office to pick up the 2017 registration sticker for my car. As always, the service was excellent: professional, courteous and thorough. I obtained my sticker after paying by credit card and was on my way.

My Mom and I had a few more stops to make in town and I went to pay for something, only to realize that the money I had taken out from the bank the day before (10 brand new $20 bills – ironically $200, just like David’s situation) was NOT in my wallet. I retraced my steps and immediately called the registry office to see, if by some small chance, it had fallen out there. When I identified the amount of money, the person who answered the phone said that Heather was in possession of the cash and to come by to pick it up. Of course I did so immediately, but I shook my head all day and couldn’t believe how fortunate I was to come into contact with such honest people who exhibited the greatest integrity. They exemplify what doing business in a small town should be all about and I’m very grateful to them.


The third and final example was with an insurance broker in Calgary. My business partner and I took out life insurance back in 1995 to provide protection for one another in the event that something should happen to either one of us. She left the business in 1998 and I maintained a term life insurance policy ever since. My ten year term insurance recently came up for renewal and I was contacted by an associate of the firm I had dealt with since first taking out the policy. As I had been traveling out of the country, he asked that I come in to discuss my options with him in person as soon as I was back. Last night, we reviewed my financial affairs and, with total honesty and candor, Will told me that in all good conscience he would not recommend that I continue buying life insurance – I no longer needed it. He could have easily sold me more insurance, and I am grateful for the money he is saving me on an expense item I no longer require.


I found all three of these people to be rare role models as they exhibited honesty and integrity that, unfortunately, is rare in this day and age. Their actions inspire me and give me the greatest feeling about the goodness of some people.

John Bragg’s Experience of the Late, Great Muhammed Ali
July 3rd, 2016

John and Mary Bragg

John and Mary Bragg

I’d like to introduce you to John Bragg – my “brother-in-law” who is married to my boyfriend’s amazing sister, Mary (complicated, I know!). John is many things: adventurer, entrepreneur, businessman, tequila expert, great husband, loyal friend, father, scholar, military historian, classical music lover and expert, mountain climber, gardener, kidder, but above and beyond ALL things, he is a great story teller. Just ask anyone who has had the courage to try to keep up with his pours of tequila and enjoy his stories while he holds court behind the bar!

John Bragg behind the bar at Pancho's in Cabo San Lucas

John Bragg behind the bar at Pancho’s in Cabo San Lucas

This is a story that he has written to clarify the details of his experience with the late, great Mohammed Ali – enjoy!

Muhammed Ali - The Greatest!

Muhammed Ali – The Greatest!

“In 1970 I was the Athletes Representative for Adidas Germany. My responsibility was to identify athletes with international and Olympic possibilities, and to introduce them to the top technical advantages of Adidas competitive shoes. The end goal was to have them wear the Adidas label.


At that time, Adidas was the leading company in the world for highly technical athletic shoes. I worked directly from the headquarters in Hertzogenaurach, Germany. My area of responsibility was Track and Field, Collegiate and NFL Football, Professional Boxing, and Cross Country Skiing. I had nothing to do with sales. It was my responsibility to select those athletes that I thought would have successful athletic careers, as professionals, record champions and Track and Field members of the next Olympic Games. My approach was to become acquainted with the athletes, provide them with competitive athletic shoes and discuss shoe improvements with them.

On December 6, 1970 I had a telephone call at 3 AM. The call was from my boss, Horst Dassler, son of the founder of Adidas, Adi Dassler.  Horst told me that Adidas had an agreement with Cassius Clay (later to become Mohammed Ali), and that Clay had told Adidas that he would no longer be wearing their equipment, including his upcoming fight on December 7 with Oscar Bonavena of Argentina. Horst said that they had their guys from Germany talk to him, including the German heavy weight Gold medalist from the last Olympic Games, without any luck. I was to go immediately to New York and fix the problem.

I had not met Ali at that time, but I knew his trainer/manager Angelo Dundee.  I called Angelo at his boxing gymnasium in Florida and asked him what the problem was. He told me that Bundee Brown, Ali’s spiritual adviser, assistant trainer, corner man, poet and speech writer had said that he shouldn’t wear Adidas shoes any longer because the Germans were those guys who killed all the Jewish people during WWII. Angelo told me they were moving up to New York right away and if I came over he would get me introduced to Ali.

I flew to New York the next day, arriving at the St. Regis Hotel during a taxi strike, and showing up in California clothes during a snow storm. The next morning I met Ali at 5 am in the lobby of his hotel, which was on the other side of Central Park. Angelo told me that Ali and his boxing trainers would be going on a run before breakfast and I could talk to him at that time. In those days I was still running in 10 and 20 K’s and an occasional marathon, so I showed up in Adidas sweat clothes and running shoes. We went out into the Park with his two trainers who were huge black guys, bigger than Ali. I ran along behind them at what I felt was a pretty slow pace. We ran for a while and then went back to the hotel. Sitting in the restaurant with a frown on his face Ali said, “You laughed a few times, what was so funny?”  I told him that before I left California one of my friends who was a native New Yorker said, “whatever you do, don’t ever go through the Park after dark, you’ll probably get beat up.” “I was laughing because I thought it would be pretty funny if someone tried to beat me up when I was running with you three guys.” They got a good laugh out of that and it loosened up our conversation.

During breakfast I explained to him that the reason I was there was because Adidas had always produced the best athletic shoes in the world and it was because we depended upon the best athletes in the world to give us their thoughts about what could help us design better shoes in their sport. We discussed several things about shoe weights, foot support, traction, etc. His trainers left the table and Ali said that last night he had been at one of the famous discotecs with some friends and part of the entertainment was some dancing girls whom he said were very athletic and their footwork reminded him of his style of footwork in the ring. He said that they had short skirts that had ribbons around the bottom that swayed with their movements, much like he did in the ring. I couldn’t quite imagine what he was describing until he said “like the college kids wear on their hats”. He was talking about the tassels on graduation caps. Finally I had something that might bring him back to Adidas.

He wore a  size 11 shoe, so I called Adidas and placed a rush order of 3 pairs of white shoes with the Adidas’ three stripes in three colors and sizes: red, green and black in sizes 10, 11 and 12. They arrived at my hotel the next afternoon. Now, what about the tassels? I asked the doorman at the St. Regis Hotel if he knew where I could find a store that carried tassels; he didn’t know but said if anyone had it, it would be Macy’s. Next, arriving at Macy’s was a weird guy in California clothes coming off the snowy street. Most clerks didn’t have a clue until one of them said “you need to see Mrs. Bluestein on the 3rd floor.” Mrs. Bluestein was the tassel specialist, she had every color, every length, and many different materials. I selected three different lengths, in red, green and black in the same silky material graduation tassels were made of. Now how do we get them put together?

Rushing back to the hotel the doorman then sent me to a shoe repair shop, unlike any I had never seen before; 5 or 6 stations, bright lights, state of the art equipment and several technicians standing around. I told them what I wanted: 7 small holes punched around the top edge of the boxing shoes, the tassels attached through the holes and a strip of soft leather to cover the tassel attachments. All the techs thought this was a great idea, but told me they didn’t do this kind of work. I said “Let me use your tools”; their answer “No, we can’t do that.”

Back to the hotel, the doorman couldn’t help me but he spoke to some of his fellow workers and one of them suggested two Italian brothers who had a shoe shop near Carnegie Hall that specialized in footwear for ballet, operas, and stage events. One more hike through the cold because of the taxi strike. When I got to Carnegie Hall I found their shop on the fourth floor. Inside was a single room about the size of a large bedroom with a very high ceiling. The brothers were small men with big whiskers surrounded by stacks of all different shoe types: ballet toes, boots, shoes and leather pieces with no particular definition between unfinished pieces and those ready to go. I explained what I wanted done and they said it would be no problem, I could come back in a week. I told them I needed the shoes in two days; they said not possible. I told them what and who they were for and immediately they said they could do it in one hour, which they did and asked me to tell Ali who they were.

I put the shoes in a large paper sales bag and headed to Ali’s hotel, where Angelo met me. Their suite was rather unusual. Three rooms: the first one had only tables, couches and chairs. This was the room for newspaper and magazine writers, mostly unknown to me. The room was clouded with cigarette and cigar smoke, the tables had food of different types, beer, hard liquor and soft drinks; my impression was these guys hung out there to leech food and booze. Passing through the second room I saw Bundee watching TV and glaring at me (I must be one of the German guys!). Going into the third room was Ali laying on the bed in undershorts and watching TV. “My Man, what have you got for me?”

I started to open the shoe bag and Ali politely asked Angelo to leave, which surprised me. I brought out the shoes and you could see the surprise in his eyes. He held a shoe up and tipped it back and forth to see the swishing of the tassels, and he looked at the colors. He took the white shoe with red stripes and laced it up, stood on the carpet and shuffled back and forth looking in the door mirror. “This is the one” he said. We discussed it a bit and then I had to go. He said “Don’t tell anyone about this, not even Angelo. I’ll see you tomorrow at the weigh-in”.

The weigh-in was at Madison Square Garden in the room just below the main floor. This room was used for smaller events. For the weigh-in, all the seats and the equipment were taken out so it was an empty room with a cement floor. Up at the front there was a small platform approximately 1 foot high, 10 feet deep, and 15 feet wide. On the platform was a small table with 3 or 4 chairs and microphone and flat platform scale. The only light was above the platform and in front of it was approximately 50-75 men from the media. I was standing clear at the back in the dark.

After the weigh-in came the question and answer period. The reporters didn’t have too many questions for Bonevena, but when Ali took the microphone there were a lot of questions which he pushed aside and said, “See that guy (me) back there? He was sent over here from Germany for me to help design the best boxing shoe in the world, and you will see it for the first time tomorrow night.” This started a lot of questions of which he would answer but never tell them what was special, even when the guys would try to get him off the “secret” he would slide back.

A little side story: when the weigh-in was over, all of us were walking upstairs to the main floor where there was a college basketball game on half time warm-up. This had to be two black schools because there was not a white person on the floor. When Ali walked out everyone went crazy! The players passed a ball to him which he handled very well and began horsing around with the players until the referee told him the second half had to start. He was standing on the mid court line and took a shot that was only about 2 inches short of making basket; the crowds went wild once again. As usual he was loved by all.


The next night, December 7, 1970, Ali won his fight over Bonavena. Ali held the top of the heavy weight boxers until March 8, 1971, the night of the “Fight of the Century” when he was defeated by Joe Frazier. Joe and Ali did not care for each other, but surprising to me when I called on Frazier’s training gym in Philadelphia, he told me he wanted the same shoe Ali had, but white with green stripes. The cover of Sports Illustrated that showed Ali landing on his back with Frazier leaning forward was probably the best success I had in the great time I had working for Adidas. World champion boxers on the cover of Sports Illustrated, the best sports magazine in the world, and both fighters wearing the shoes with the three signature stripes of Adidas. Ali with red stripes and Joe with green stripes.


After that both fighters always wore Adidas.”

June 21st, 2016

Yesterday, June 20, was the birthday of two beautiful young friends of mine who are both, ironically, named Crystal. Not a common name, and I only realized last year that they shared the same birthday. One of the definitions of the word “crystal” is glass of fine quality with a high degree of brilliance. Change the word “glass” to “woman” and it perfectly defines both of these amazing ladies.

Crystal #1 is a brilliant jeweller in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico that I met in Puerto Vallarta many years ago. She is talented, resourceful, passionate and someone whom I admire and love very much. She became my second unofficially “adopted” daughter about fifteen years ago. The distance between us has kept us from actually seeing one another in person very often, but we stay connected and always pick up exactly where we left off.

Crystal #1

Crystal #1

Crystal #2 is a wonderful young woman whom I met at a major oil and gas company in Calgary where we were both working. She moved to a smaller city in Alberta to continue her work in a petroleum-related business until a call back to the land took her back to her rural roots in Saskatchewan to fulfill her dream to take over her family’s farm.

Crystal #2

Crystal #2

I bring these young women up and the topic of synchronicity because my life seems to be surrounded by so much of it. Perhaps some of us are just more aware of these coincidences than others, or perhaps some of us actually experience these occurrences more frequently.

I was travelling from JFK in New York to Calgary yesterday and met a delightful young woman, Karen, from northern Germany, who has been living and working in Canada as an au pair. We struck up a conversation while waiting for the WestJet check-in to open and shared some great stories and histories. While we were waiting, a couple from Calgary, Candace and Hunter, lined up immediately behind Karen and commented that they had been seated next to her on the flight down from Calgary to JFK, randomly saw her several times in New York, were on the same subway train back to the airport, and then ultimately ended up in line immediately behind her again. As cliché as it may sound, we all agreed that it was a very small world indeed that was, in fact, getting smaller every day.

Hunter, Candace and Karen

Hunter, Candace and Karen

My most memorable story of personal synchronicity happened almost 15 years ago with Crystal #1, one of the young women that I introduced earlier. I had been in Mexico City probably seven years earlier where I spent several days with an amazing tour guide by the name of Emilio. Emilio was in the first graduating class of the University of Mexico after the Second World War and had so much knowledge and many extraordinary connections to make my time with him incredibly special. Fast-forward seven years and I was in the busy Zocalo area of Mexico City with Crystal and her friend, Zacbeeh. We had been buying jewelry materials for Crystal and were just on our way back to the Metro to head to Zacbeeh’s for the night. We were walking down the street and I looked and, much to my amazement, saw Emilio on the sidewalk right beside me – after so many years! Before this latest trip, he was the ONLY person that I knew in Mexico City – a city with a population of over 18 million. I remembered him and he remembered me. We embraced and quickly caught up, much to everyone’s amazement.

I’m not a religious person, but do consider myself to be spiritual. When these sorts of occurrences happen, I always feel incredibly blessed and that my angels are telling me that, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing, I’m on the right path.

It really is a small world after all!

Quinoa Salad
June 18th, 2016

Quinoa is an ancient grain that is a good gluten-free source of protein, iron, and fiber. My good friend, Denise, introduced me to the versatility and nutrition that quinoa offers, and I particularly like using it in cold summer salads.

Impromptu Quinoa Salad

Impromptu Quinoa Salad

I wanted to use up some items out of the fridge and put this salad together really quickly. I first cooked 1 cup of quinoa (I actually used a blend of white quinoa, millet, red quinoa and buckwheat) as per the package directions and set it aside to cool.  In a large mixing bowl with the cooled quinoa, I added the following:

  • 14 oz can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 4 large radishes, cut in quarters, then thinly sliced
  • 2 stalks celery, diced
  • 1 cup spinach, cut very fine
  • 1/2 cup cucumber, diced
  • 1/4 cup roasted almonds, chopped fine
  • 1/4 cup roasted pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup pitted Kalamata olives, cut in quarters
  • handful of dried cranberries
  • handful of dried Montmorency cherries
  • 1/2 tsp. dried Italian seasoning (replace with fresh herbs, finely chopped, if available)
  • 1/4 cup of Mediterranean Vinaigrette (I used a brilliant product from Hummingbird Fine Foods which is a classic red wine vinaigrette spiced with Greek oregano and rich, toasted cumin)
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • sea salt, to taste

Simple and simply delicious! Enjoy!

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