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Mike and Halloween in Los Gatos

Back to northern California!

Ron and Mike have been dear friends for over fifty years. They met at the grocery store in Santa Clara that they were both working at while in high school and college. They share a rich and wonderful history together and have seen each other through much of life’s journey.


Ron and Mike basically see one another twice per year: on our way north and east to New York in May and then again on our way west and south in October. They rarely contact one another in between, but pick up exactly where they left off when they do see one another. As with all of Ron’s friends and family, Mike has made me so welcome and I love hearing the stories of their shared past.

We spend as much time as possible with Mike when we’re in Santa Clara: tennis, billiards, dinners at their favorite sports haunt, By-Th-Bucket Bar and Grill (www.btbbarandgrill.com) as we usually arrive in Santa Clara in time for the World Series finals, and shared meals at Ron’s Mom’s house. Mother Mary has adopted Mike as practically one of her own and Mike, as a bachelor, thoroughly appreciates her fabulous home cooking.

We spent Halloween night with Mike and his lovely new girlfriend, Debby. We met them in Los Gatos and had a great time walking down Main Street and Santa Cruz Avenue checking out the costumes. Both Mike and Debby were in costume, but Ron and I were disguised as tourists yet again! We ended up dancing and sharing some drinks and more than a few laughs at Number One Broadway, the Los Gatos place for live music (www.numberonebroadway.com). It was a great evening and we always enjoy spending time and sharing life with Mike – one of Ron’s oldest and dearest friends.

Welcome To Cooking With Fire

The brand “cooking with fire” reflects our commitment to doing things that ignite burning desire and to live life with passion and purpose. Linda Matthie, author and publisher, wrote the series of cookbooks featured on this site to share her burning desire for healthy, fiery foods of the world and is dedicated to sharing her passion for fiery fare and creating fabulous, fun and flavorful food characterized by healthy and light recipes.

In addition to our national best selling cookbooks, The Fire ‘n’ Ice Cookbook, Light the Fire and The Hot Sauce Bottle Cookbook, we are proud to present music that will add atmosphere while you’re enjoying our healthy and fiery foods of the world. We invite you to explore, indulge and enjoy!